All started in the early 30’s in France, a country known for its “art de vivre”, its food and its cheeses. Président is able to provide cheese, cream and butter lovers with high and constant quality for an always guaranteed pleasure experience. Since 1968, Président is number 1 cheese and butter brand in France, offering the largest varieties of high quality products and today Président is present in 145 countries.
Président Cream is made in the heart of Normandy, France with a stringent selection of the best blend of milk and contains 35.1% fat to leave a memorable creamy impression. It is a cream that can retain all the flavors and nutritional properties of the ingredients. It is consistent and stable for cooking and can make smooth and creamy sauces every time. This is used by all top Chefs in the world.
Président Butter (Unsalted/ Salted) is made in the heart of Normandy, France with cultured cream. Natural lactic ferments are added to the cream for biological ripening. Butter is a natural product rich in vitamin A (or retinol) and vitamin E (an antioxidant), which are essential for our health-conscious customers. With no preservatives and no colors, the butter is pasteurized for a longer life. Quality packaging with untearable foil to protect the quality, the taste and the texture of the butter.