• 21 Aug 2023

    Formosa Seaesta​ (1 Day Lesson)

    "Good morning sir and madam, would you like our Formosa Seaesta breakfast special?"​

    Influenced by Taiwanese-style breakfast, taste the fresh flavours of the sea with Hokkaido scallops directly imported from Hokkaido! ​

    Presenting the main, learn to simmer a comforting, rich-tasting Scallop Seafood Porridge that is elevated with seafood sauce. Dip with Handmade You Tiao (油条) for a flavourful burst upon every bite! ​

    To make the perfect pairing, serve up a Scallop Omelette with Thick Soy Sauce that is inspired by the popular Taiwanese Oyster Omelette. With a drizzle of handmade thick soy sauce, this is the best side dish to recreate the taste of Taiwan and a substitute to those who do not like the taste of oysters. ​

    And what's a perfect breakfast set without a beverage to go with it? Concoct an Ice Shaken Honey Lime Tea with Aiyu Jelly that is cooling and refreshing! ​

    With bookings available from 17 Aug onwards at, savour the umami-rich notes of a breakfast upgraded with a taste of sea this September! ​

    This menu is supported by the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations. ​

    [Fun Fact: Did you know that before the country is well-known to most as Taiwan, some may also mention as The Republic of Formosa?]​

    *Contains crustaceans. ​

    *Available only at Funan Studio from 1 - 30 Sep 2023. ​

    *Pair price only applies when at least 1 non-member is accompanied by a member. ​

    *Attendees will be asked to complete a survey at the end of the lesson to share their responses. ​

    *The minimum age for this lesson is 13 years old. Group work may be involved during the lesson. ​

    *The image is for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary. ​

    *Strictly no refund and rescheduling allowed.​

    *Other terms and conditions apply.​

    • Formosa Seaesta​ (1 Day Lesson)
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