• 27 Aug 2023

    Grizzly Floss

    Once upon a time, in a peaceful forest not far from where we are, there lived a family of Grizzly Floss! 🐻

    Shaped like a cute grizzly bear, this family loves to play and roll about in a pool of fluffy and cottony chicken floss. Being soft-hearted with milk mochi and chicken bak kwa bits, they are well-loved by people of all ages! 

    Interact with the Grizzly Floss family from 5 Sep and fall head over heels for them at!

    This menu is supported by Bee Cheng Hiang 美珍香 Singapore  

    *Contains chicken bak kwa and chicken floss. 

    *Available only at Takashimaya and Westgate Studio from 5 Sep - 3 Oct. 

    *The image is for illustration purposes only. Actual product and decoration may vary. 

    *Terms and conditions apply. 

    *Strictly no refund and rescheduling allowed.

    • Grizzly Floss
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