• 21 Aug 2023

    Panasonic Onboard Announcement​

    Open the door to a better eating experience with Panasonic's PRIME+ EDITION refrigerator! 

    A vision to deliver the promise of wellbeing, Panasonic's PRIME+ EDITION refrigerator is designed and enriched to inspire wellness through healthy eating of fresh and hygienic ingredients. ​

    Its Prime Freeze technology ensures that your ingredients are kept fresh for longer while retaining their original flavours, textures and colours. With 3 Key Modes (Rapid Freezing, Quick Cooling, Cool Down), cooling and freezing your food has never been made easier and faster. ​

    ❄️  Rapid Freezing: Seal in the freshness and nutrients of your frozen food even after defrosting​

    🍮  Quick Cooling: Make homemade desserts or marinate your ingredients with a shorter cooling time

    🍱  Cool Down: Pack a lunch bento faster by cooling off your hot foods in just 5 minutes!​

    Make a lesson reservation today and taste the essence of healthy living! To find out more on Panasonic's PRIME+ EDITION refrigerator,

    visit  ​

    *Panasonic PRIME+ EDITION refrigerator will be on display at all 4 studios from Aug 2023. ​

    *Members' exclusive promotion will be announced soon via the ABC Connect App and Member's Page.

    • Panasonic Onboard Announcement​
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