• 21 Aug 2023

    Tea & Moon: The Season of Light, 茗月巧心​ (Mooncake Workshop)​


    Other than warming your heart with the gesture of gifting/receiving mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival period, it will be extra sweet when you prepare round, intricately patterned Chinese pastry with rich lotus paste by yourself! Originally best paired with light, refreshing Oolong Tea, get ready to have your mooncakes shine with the infusion of Oolong Tea this Mid-Autumn: ​

    Momoyama Mooncake, 4pcs (桃山月饼 – Tea🍃):

    With white bean paste as the main ingredient, learn to knead and craft a multi-coloured marbled mooncake that is delicately soft and less greasy than the conventional Cantonese mooncake. Infuse with POKKA's Oolong Tea to create an Oolong-flavoured lotus filling and Oolong lava, all packed within the mooncake skin. ​

    Snowskin Mooncake, 4pcs (冰皮月饼 – Moon🌕):

    Contrary to the traditional baked mooncake, learn to make a snowskin mooncake skin that is added with a touch of POKKA's Peach Oolong Tea. Indulge in a pleasant chewy delight with a handmade peach mochi hidden in the lotus filling! ​

    Harmonize a taste of balance with every single bite and make this Mid-Autumn reunion one with a colourful and tea-lightful touch! ​

    🥮Takashimaya Studio:

    🥮Westgate Studio:

    🥮Jewel Studio:

    This menu is supported by POKKA Singapore. ​

    *Available only at Takashimaya, Westgate and Jewel Studio from 1 - 30 Sep 2023.​

    *The image is for illustration purposes only. Actual products may vary. ​

    *Strictly no refund and rescheduling allowed. ​

    *Other terms and conditions apply. 

    • Tea & Moon: The Season of Light, 茗月巧心​ (Mooncake Workshop)​
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