Corporate Clients

At ABC Cooking Studio, we pride ourselves on crafting new and exciting recipes and techniques and imparting them to our members through our dedicated team of instructors. Apart from our regular lessons, since the opening of our first studio in 2015, we have organised numerous group lessons and team-bonding sessions, customised and tailored private event to meet the requests of each group. Under the watchful guidance of our instructors, our hands-on cooking and baking sessions are guaranteed to rouse the inner chef and kindle the flame of passion for the culinary arts in every participant.  

We are also always open to collaboration opportunities. Our studios are the perfect platforms through which clients can access our market segmented consumers. With the careful incorporation of our clients’ products into our recipes and lessons, our members recognise the attractiveness and value of these products, building brand awareness and association. Through the Cycle of ABC Experience (Recognition > Experience > Evaluation > Action > Spread), clients can trust all endeavours with us to prove worthwhile! 

  • Be it foodstuff, ingredients, or kitchen appliances, our Product Team can incorporate usage of your products into our lessons. 

    During the lessons, the members will not only be experiencing your products through taste and/or touch, but our team of diligent instructors will also impart the product information to them. You can be ensured that our members will be made aware of the benefits and appeal of your products and as such increasing brand awareness and exposure. 

  • It's about time to bake your idea with us! Submit your interest through our Contact Us form and we look forward to collaborate with you!

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