Corporate Clients

At ABC Cooking Studio, we pride ourselves on crafting new and exciting recipes and techniques and imparting them to our members through our dedicated team of instructors. Apart from our regular lessons, since the opening of our first studio in 2015, we have organised numerous group lessons and team-bonding sessions, customised and tailored private event to meet the requests of each group. Under the watchful guidance of our instructors, our hands-on cooking and baking sessions are guaranteed to rouse the inner chef and kindle the flame of passion for the culinary arts in every participant. 

We are also always open to collaboration opportunities. Our studios are the perfect platforms through which clients can access our market segmented consumers. With the careful incorporation of our clients’ products into our recipes and lessons, our members recognise the attractiveness and value of these products, building brand awareness and association. Through the Cycle of ABC Experience (Recognition > Experience > Evaluation > Action > Spread), clients can trust all endeavours with us to prove worthwhile!

Recipe Card
Our Product Team will develop recipes according to your needs, by incorporating and emphasizing on the characteristics and benefits of your products. Recipe cards that are created by our Design Team, are both eye-catching and easy to understand, with the ease of reading and simplicity being a hallmark of the ABC brand.

Recipe Book
We are also able to collect all customised product recipes into the form of a booklet, which can be distributed to members in our studios. From design and editing, to printing and binding, we handle all aspects of the booklet creation process, with the result being a convenient, finely-designed handbook, perfect for use in the kitchen.

Video Content
We will produce an original cooking video using the designated products and broadcast it on the official website. Not only members but also general site visitors can browse.

Customized Lesson
Our Product Team will develop/curate a special menu based on the product characteristics. Menu testing and instructor training are involved to ensure quality teaching and learning.

The lesson will usually be held for a limited period. In-depth knowledge can be imparted to the participants during the lesson.
  • 1 Day Lesson
  • Workshop
  • Virtual Lesson

Marketing Research
Effective for gathering information and comments from consumers on the new products, as well as exploring the new use of the existing products.
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
Food Tasting / Product Sampling
We will allocate a corner of the studio for our members to visit and sample your new products. Our instructors/staff will also introduce you as a dedicated operator.

Takashimaya Studio
Located in the heart of Orchard Road, our flagship studio is ideally placed to serve as a venue for corporate workshops and events. Its proximity to the city centre makes it accessible to many companies and businesses.

As the largest studio with 16 tables, Takashimaya Studio can comfortably accommodate large groups with a maximum capacity of 64 people. You can organise a private event, such as department bonding, product launch, press conference or PR event.

Westgate Studio
Westgate Studio embodies the glass-window design that ABC Cooking Studio is known for in Japan. Situated in the heartlands, Westgate Studio has a calm and relaxing ambience.

Funan Studio
Our newest studio is equipped with movable furniture in the dining area, allowing the creation of space according to event requirements. Now, activities such as yoga and seminar are made much more accessible!

Funan Studio also possesses a unique round table, which offers greater flexibility in terms of lesson size and activity. It is also a popular spot for filming and live streaming.

Jewel Studio
Opening its doors in the retail of Changi Airport, our Jewel Studio is the place for you to be close to nature. With a breath-taking sight of the HSBC Rain Vortex, our dining area sets a relaxing mood and is the perfect spot for Instagram worthy shots.

Jewel Studio also has a square table in the center for conducting “Tablet Lessons”.

Fill your time by making sweet memories with your colleagues in a place that provides a fun and enjoyable lesson in a friendly and casual environment.

At the end of the lesson, each person will be bringing your own product home (except for cooking menus).

Studio: Hands-on Group Cooking Lesson
Group lesson is only available during weekday with fixed session (10.15am-12.15pm / 1.30pm-3.30pm / 4.30pm-6.30pm). 2 hours per session.
  • 5-8 pax: $680 (before GST)
  • 9-12 pax: $1020 (before GST)
  • More than 12 pax: $125/pax (before GST)
  • Maximum Capacity: 30 pax only
Virtual: Cooking Demonstration Without Hands-on
Cooking demonstration is only available during weekday, with 2 hour per session.
  • 1 to 100 pax : $550 per session (before GST)
Virtual: Hands-on Group Lesson
Group virtual cooking is only available during weekday with fixed session (10.15am-12.15pm / 1.30pm-3.30pm / 4.30pm-6.30pm). 2 hours per session. Participants are required to prepare tools and equipment before the lesson.
  • 5 to 20 pax : $110 per pax (before GST) *Include ingredient kit delivery.
Be it foodstuff, ingredients, or kitchen appliances, our Product Team can incorporate usage of your products into our lessons.

During the lessons, the members will not only be experiencing your products through taste and/or touch, but our team of diligent instructors will also impart the product information to them. You can be ensured that our members will be made aware of the benefits and appeal of your products and as such increasing brand awareness and exposure.
It's about time to bake your idea with us! Submit your interest by clicking the button below and we look forward to collaborate with you!