Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council

At the Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council, their operations focus on the exportation of Japanese fruit and vegetables and processed foods. They also gather and distribute information about the exportation process, support their registered members and work towards the increased expansion of Japanese exports. When fulfilling the responsibilities described, the Japan Fruit and Vegetables Export Promotion Council uses a “Japan-grown Fruit” label to represent the Council. This branding label, which was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, is used across the board for affairs relating to the export of Japan-grown fruit and vegetables. The Council received authorization from the Ministry to use the label on October 19, 2015.

4 popular fruits in Japan! Japan fruits are in the golden season between summer and autumn!

With four seasons, Japan produces a variety of fruits all over Japan all year round. Japan has high-quality techniques for fruit growing, and these fruits offer great colour, shape, sweetness and taste. Japan is proud of the high quality and the uniqueness of the fruits. Today we would like to introduce 4 fruits among Japan’s popular fruits: peach, pear, grape, and apple with each characteristic and recipe using these fruits.
1. Peach – Hakuho Peach
Peach has excellent flavour, taste and texture! You cannot be happier with peach! 

Peaches are harvested in late summer. In Japan, Yamanashi, Nagano, Wakayama, Okayama, and Fukushima are known for their peaches as these prefectures are the largest producers of peaches in Japan. Japan’s peach has a subtle pink colour with a pretty appearance and amazing juiciness. It also has very sweet flesh and you will fall in love with its sweetness.

Peach is sensitive to touch. Hence by growing peach, it requires delicate care so that the peach is harvested without any bruises. This extra care is the reason behind the excellent quality of Japan’s peach and the relatively high price to pay. Of course, the best way to experience Japan’s peach is to eat them fresh, but we would like to introduce you with an arranged menu to enjoy Japan’s peach.

Peach Caprese
Make yourself a Peach Caprese by replacing tomato with peach slices. The sweet and savoury combination will be a perfect dish to pair with white wine. You can also enjoy this menu with sparkling wine especially on a hot day! 

Peach Recipe: Check it out ABC Cooking Studio’s Instagram post!

2. Pear – Hosui Pear
Pear, the juiciest fruit? Japan’s pears have unique characteristics. Enjoy the comparison!

You may feel pears do not look gorgeous, but there are many pear lovers in Japan. You should try out pear picking if you are interested in trying out fruit picking. Chiba, Ibaraki and Tochigi are the popular production prefectures.

From the appearance, it is not easy to know a good one but once you eat it, you will be surprised by the differences. It is best to consume juicy pears as it is, but if you would like to cook a dish with pear, we recommend a simple recipe. Recently in Japan, it is getting more popular to add pear in curry.

We are going to use pear to make Yakuzen dessert. This dessert is not just good but also healthy! We will keep the pear’s texture and feature its nutrient.

Pear Yakuzen
The combination of pear and white fungus (Kikurage mushroom) is said to moisten the skin and the lungs. With the use of star anise, it helps to bring out the unique flavour and great taste of this dessert. This recipe is not only tasty but healthy too!

Pear Recipe: Check it out ABC Cooking Studio’s Instagram post!

3. Grape – Kyoho Grape
Autumn = Grape! A piece of Bordeaux grape beautifully shines like a jewellery

The harvest season for grape is between summer and autumn. There are many types of grapes and we would like to feature “seedless Kyoho grape” this time. Great Kyoho grapes have bright colour and pretty round shape. Seedless Kyoho grape is perfect for desserts.

In Japan, Kyoho grapes from Yamanashi, Nagano and Okayama are especially famous. Among all types of grapes, Kyoho grapes are bigger and have a good balance of sweetness and sourness.You should definitely try Japan’s Kyoho grapes.

Kyoho Grape Jelly
This recipe uses the whole Kyoho grapes for the jelly dessert and it looks very pretty and gives a nice impact! Try to cut it in front of your guests and you would receive a round of applause! This jelly is not too sweet but offers freshness and clear taste.

Grape Recipe: Check it out ABC Cooking Studio’s Instagram post!

4. Apple – Kogyoku Apple
Apple, a ruby red fruit, is an all-purpose fruit, nicely suitable for both cooking and desserts

Aomori, Nagano and Yamagata are the popular producing prefectures for Japan’s apples. They are well produced in the northern part of Japan. The ruby-red apples are beautiful with their green leaves, that give a great colour contrast. Japan’s apple has many types and each apple has unique characteristics such as its colour, flavour, texture and taste. This is not about good or bad, but everyone has their preferences.

Apples are especially suitable for grilled desserts. Once you heat them, the sweetness increases and you can experience the difference. We are going to introduce an apple recipe this week on our SNS. Please stay tuned on our upcoming post for more details!