The classes are done in a small group, ensuring you maximum support from the teachers. Lessons are held multiple times a day (including Bread, Cake, Cooking, Wagashi, and Kids), and you can easily reserve the classes through your computer or cell phone.


We do not accept skills-future credits as we are not a government subsidiary.

Each course has a reasonable pre-determined “expiration date” and each member is responsible for keeping track of it. ABC Cooking Studio is not obliged to extend the course expiration date due to your personal circumstances. Member can log in to the ABC Website for Members and find the relevant information on the top-right corner of the screen. The actual course expiration date will be the earlier of either
(a) the pre-determined expiration date, or
(b) the last day of the month in which the member finished the last lesson of the course

Extension is based on the condition that the request for extension is made before the course expiration date. You may approach our studio for application of extension.

Member shall apply for extension due to personal circumstances and pay a fee of SGD30.00 per month. Do note that you are unable to terminate your course after an extension.

Member can apply for extension with valid documents and without any charges for

(a) member who is pregnant or within 1 year after giving birth, 2 more years will be extended
(b) member who has hospitalization leave for > 30 days, 1 more month will be extended
(c) member who has overseas business trip for > 30 days, 1 more month will be extended

However, ABC Cooking Studio is not obliged to extend the abovementioned application that is less than 30 days.

We do not allow transfer of courses. You would have to terminate your current course and sign up for your preferred course. Do note that there will be a handling fee of SGD80.00 per course. Please refer to your ABC Cooking Studio Membership Terms and Conditions for Course Termination details.

Members can reserve up to 2 lessons per course per month in the system.