• 16 Aug 2023

    Majulah Cake-pura (11-20 Aug)

    Anticipate no more as we reveal the second part of Majulah Cake-pura!​

    From 11-20 Aug, enjoy the best pairing to our Cake Basic Semi-Renewal with a complimentary 6 MONTHS' extension* (worth $180) and $100 rebate voucher upon any cake course related purchase!

    Planning to learn other courses (Bread, Cooking, Wagashi or Kids)? Well, you can also receive a complimentary 3 months' extension* (worth $90)  upon any course purchase made.​

    Don't forget to score a savings of $580 when you grab our Cake Guru package this month! With perks waiting for you in the next 10 days, march by our studios or visit online at to make your August truly rewarding~​

    Note: Lesson reservation will commence in Oct 2023, starting from Pistachio and Coffee Caramel Paris Brest and Tiramisu Cake.​

    ​Promotion Terms and Conditions:​

    *The complimentary course extension will be respectively added to the members' accounts by 8th Sep 2023.​

    **This promotion is non-refundable.​

    **Other terms and conditions apply.​

    • Majulah Cake-pura (11-20 Aug)
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