• 15 Sep 2023

    Trial-tastetic September!

    It's a Trial-tastetic September with 2 returning Trial Menus up for your attention!

    Back by Popular Demand Crush Blush, 12cm (only at Takashimaya Studio):

    Reignite the feeling of love and romance! Bake a pink chiffon sponge that is to be layered with raspberry cream cheese and raspberry compote in between. Crumble the remaining sponge for a deep blush on top, before decorating all around with handmade compound white chocolate pieces.

    Back by Popular Demand Grape Charlotte, 12cm (only at Westgate Studio):

    Beauty, Sweet, and Delicate - all in one! Learn to make a simplified Charlotte cake with a different presentation of the ladyfinger sponge base. Enjoy a refreshing crunch from the green grapes and tangy cream cheese filling! Won't you take her out for a date?

    🐻Grizzly Floss, 3pcs (only at Takashimaya and Westgate Studio):

    Get playful with the Grizzly Floss family! Knead cute, bear-shaped mochi bread that is filled with milk mochi and chicken bak kwa bits. Roll them in a pool of fluffy, cottony chicken floss for an added cuteness!

    Kohi On The Rocks, 12cm (only at Funan and Jewel Studio):

    Make tea time extra rich with this coffee-inspired cake! Spread sweet coffee-flavoured buttercream, and raspberry jam, in between layers of rich coffee sponge. Find brown sugar streusels hidden beneath for an unexpected crunch! Finally, flatten piped coffee & mocha-flavoured buttercream, and surround with more brown sugar streusels for a new trending look!

    With 4 unique menus to choose from, time to pick your most favourite at today!

    *Grape Charlotte contains liqueur.

    *Grizzly Floss contains chicken bak kwa and chicken floss.

    *Crush Blush and Grape Charlotte will only commence from 18 Sep - 3 Oct.

    *The images are for illustration purposes only. Actual products and decorations may vary.

    *Terms and conditions apply.

    *Strictly no refund and rescheduling allowed.

    • Trial-tastetic September!
    • Trial-tastetic September!
    • Trial-tastetic September!
    • Trial-tastetic September!
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