• 19 Jan 2024

    Limone Ballerina Tart Workshop

    Put your hands together as the curtain rises high for our Limone Ballerina* , and get ready for the dazzling beauty and perfect balance of tangy sweetness from a classic lemon tart!

    For her opening performance, learn to prepare a buttery Pâte Sucrée tart crust, to be shaped to a decorative fluted edge all around before sending to bake, with a zesty center of lemon and yuzu almond cream. Let her elegant moves be complemented further as she dances in sync alongside a layer of creamy and dreamy lemon mousse, while following a finale curtsey of appreciation with her “ballerina tutu” (lemon and passionfruit jelly).


    With the spotlight centered bright as she takes her stage, won’t you crown her (mascarpone Chantilly cream) the prettiest lemon tart?

    Book now by clicking links below:

    Westgate Studio

    Jewel Studio

    *Contains gelatin and traces of nuts. 

    *Available only at Westgate and Jewel Studio from 2 Feb – 29 Feb 2024.

    *This workshop is now opened for booking to all members and non-members. 

    *The image is for illustration purposes only. Actual product and decoration may vary. 

    *Terms and conditions apply. 

    *Strictly no refund and rescheduling allowed. 

    • Limone Ballerina Tart Workshop
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