• 19 Jan 2024

    Trial Lessons at Jewel Studio

    The flight bound for Jewel Studio has taken off! ✈ Flying back from their vacation, get ready to welcome home a refreshed trio of Regular Trials to take over the duties of Gateau au Chocolat, Ham Mayo Bread and Cinnamon Roll, and Japanese Hamburg Steak from 1 Feb 2024.

    Gateau au Matcha, 15cm

    The perfect match-a of intensity and sweet creaminess awaits you under every slice! A sister menu to Gateau au Chocolat, learn to whisk a matcha-flavoured Gateau – following the steps of the classic French chocolate cake. Spread around with matcha white chocolate ganache, before layering with Chantilly cream and a blanket of matcha powder.


    Chocolat Knot and Sausage Fleur, 2pcs sweet and 3pcs savoury

    Why decide between Team Sweet or Team Savoury, when you can enjoy the best of both! Have fun experiencing the basic techniques of kneading one dough, to be divided and filled with chocolate spread* (sweet) and chicken sausage (savoury). Shape them into two different designs of fleur (flower), and behold a sweet and savory breakfast to start your day!



    Delight in the heartwarming comfort of basic ingredients, as you learn one of Japan’s popular home-cooked food! Craft a flavourful Japanese-style meat and potato stew (肉じゃが), simmered with extra ingredients of vegetables and sweet potato noodles. Pair with a bowl of simple miso soup and rice, and this will be your next go-to for a nutritious, hearty meal!


    Landing on 1 Feb, gather around at Jewel, as these Trials are here to stay in Jewel Studio to share more learnings and joy!

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    *Chocolat Knot and Sausage Fleur may contain traces of nuts.

    *Nikujaga contains liqueur and pork.

    **The images are for illustration purposes only. Actual products and decorations may vary.

    **Existing Trial Lesson Terms and Conditions apply.

    **Strictly no refund and rescheduling allowed.

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